Inspired by early rock, pop, and R&B legends of the '60s and '70s, I grew up on the Southside of Atlanta listening to WQXI AM. I loved listening to my mom singing along with Peter, Paul & Mary, Ricky Nelson, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Al Green, and Sam Cooke. As the years passed, the world changed, and so did the music. Ricky Nelson, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles were replaced by Rush,  Pink Floyd, Ted Nugent, & Blue Oyster Cult. My family worried, to them it seemed I was dependent on music for daily sustenance, and they may have been right. Some will call this an addiction,  I call it a gift from God.

A deeply spiritual person, I am involved in the praise and worship ministry at Sugar Hill Church.

You can catch me on any given Friday or Saturday performing with Atlanta's only Pink Floyd tribute band FLOYD ECLIPSE , and the original/Americana rock quintet  DEAN TAYLOR & THE BETTER DAYS.




Professional Bassist & Vocalist